Midi file player available for free

MIDI Player - great player for audio files

Are you tired from the daily routine of performing the same tasks every day? Do you feel you are ready to experience something completely new and extremely captivating? Are you eager to reveal unexpected talents and develop your creative skills? If so, it is high time you should get acquainted with MIDI Player.

MIDI Player is designed for work with MIDI file format. Using this type of file format will make you forget about everything you were using before as it differs from all other file formats to a great extent. MIDI does not play music in the traditional meaning of this operation. It defines all features the melody originally possess – loudness, tempo, pitch, notes and the time when they are performed. No words which are sung or spoken will be reproduced while you use MIDI file format.

MIDI Player provides you with endless opportunities to edit melodies in MIDI file format. There is no need to put on a tail-coat and take a conductor’s wand to feel yourself a creator of new symphony of sounds. You should just open MIDI Player and work with options provided on the menu bar. The interface is made with the purpose to make this work as simple to you as can be. You are not required to be a computer magician as this program is developed to allow you to concentrate your whole attention to the sole mission of creating the masterpiece of music art.

Moreover, MIDI Player spares you from spending money on it as it can be downloaded for free. Usually the beginning of any carrier requires some investments, but not in case with this software. You have an amazing chance to become a great musician without causing any damage to your budget. The first step is to wait a few seconds while the program is downloading, the second – to reveal your creative potential without wasting time and effort on solving any technical issues.


Q: In what way does MIDI differ from other file formats?

A: MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface. It was developed for making the procedure of learning music easier and for creating new melodies rather than for listening to the songs. Audio files with MIDI file extension do not reproduce the music in a usual way – it just indicates which notes are played as well as their loudness and the time they are introduced in the melody. Such indication of musical characteristics makes s it possible to edit audio file and create your own completely new and unique melodies.