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Q: In what way does MIDI differ from other file formats?

A: MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface. It was developed for making the procedure of learning music easier and for creating new melodies rather than for listening to the songs. Audio files with MIDI file extension do not reproduce the music in a usual way – it just indicates which notes are played as well as their loudness and the time they are introduced in the melody. Such indication of musical characteristics makes s it possible to edit audio file and create your own completely new and unique melodies.

Q: Should I be afraid of damaging my computer or infecting it with viruses by the installment of MIDI Player?

A: MIDI Player is completely secure software which is always tested by the developers before making it available for computer users. No malware is contained in it. However, it is your right to re-check the program with the spyware system you trust most.

Q: What actions can I perform with the help of MIDI Player?

A: MIDI player allows you to open, play and edit MIDI files. Using this software you will find it easy to change almost all qualitative characteristics of music, like loudness, tempo, pitch, or even the musical instrument used for producing a melody. MIDI Player is a simple program containing a great range of various options which even the professional composers would envy.

Q: How much have I to pay for MIDI Player?

A: MIDI Player presents a unique case when something of superb quality can be received for no price at all. This highly professional software as well as all kinds of updates to it can be downloaded from Internet easily and free. No additional purchases are needed as MIDI Player already possesses the whole set of necessary codecs for operating MIDI files.

Q: Is it safe to install RMVB Player onto my computer?

A: There is hardly any possibility to damage or infect your computer with viruses by downloading this program. All the measures of precaution have been taken by the developers to make this software as secure as possible for the users.

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